The 20/21 Cultural Plan

20/21 Cultural Plan is the comprehensive cultural plan for the Silicon Valley region developed by the Arts Council in collaboration with the City of San Jose, Office of Cultural Affairs. The plan involved over a thousand people, many hours and extensive research to determine current and future needs and interests in arts and culture in our region.

Called "20/21, A Regional Cultural Plan for the new Millennium," the Cultural Plan envisions a Silicon Valley identified with innovation and achievement in arts and culture as well as economic and technological accomplishments. The plan sets the stage for the approaching millennium as a time when arts and culture become central to the definition of a civil society and a quality of life that is open to all.

Several underlying values are affirmed in the Cultural Plan: recognizing diversity, building quality of life in communities, encouraging participation, fostering innovation, building on success, linking the arts and technology and public/private partnerships. 20/21 was a collaboration between the Arts Council and the City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs. In the process of developing 20/21, the planners undertook a comprehensive survey of the arts and arts education in the region. This assessment of the arts and arts education, involved the participation of more than 1000 individuals, 70 schools, over 50 arts organizations and hundreds of arts administrators, artists, school district officials, teachers and educational professionals.